In the era of identity politics, it is crucial to have someone in Hartford who will put our community first. Let’s put party affiliation aside and focus on our community’s needs for every resident of Torrington, Winsted, Colebrook and Goshen. Community first takes us out of the fringes and puts us center stage. It means focusing on our residents, our businesses, and our families.



Our local economies are the heartbeat of our towns. We need businesses that are going to invest in our communities for the long-term. Sustainable jobs boost our economy and provide security for our families.

Criminal Justice Reform

It’s not enough to just say our systems need to be reformed. As someone who went through the system, I have a keen understanding on the necessary changes that will positively impact our residents and those who protect and serve.


The truth is for generations we have supported education through our local budgets. From transportation to unfunded special education mandates, we must restructure education to not strain the local tax payer and simultaneously boost student achievement.

State Spending

We must reduce wasteful spending. With a critical eye, I will eliminate unnecessary purchasing and bonding of state projects. I will make sure we spend what we can afford with our community at the forefront of the conversation.

  Connecticut 63rd House District
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