Noel is a life-long Connecticut native. He lives in Torrington which is the 63rd Connecticut House District including Winchester, Goshen, and Colebrook. Attracted to the beautiful way of life common to the Northwest Corner of the state, Noel chose to raise his family in an area plentiful in open space, rich in cultural significance, and diverse in remarkable people unified in strengthening our communities.

Trained as a mathematician but an entrepreneur and stay-at-home father by profession, Noel stresses the state’s need to be financially responsible ensuring our children’s wellbeing, reducing generational state bonding. Noel believes the state budget process should always echo the concepts of Spending What We Can Afford and How Connecticut’s Residents Will Be Affected.

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Noel has spent the majority of his working life in the non-profit sector where he learned the importance of providing for those less fortunate. As a math teacher for Educational Achievement & Access (EAP), Noel worked with under-represented and first-generational college bound students to successfully facilitate the transition from high school to college. In his public-school career, Noel was Physical & Psychological Management Trained to stabilize trauma-induced students. During this time, Noel engaged in crisis intervention, de-escalation strategies, conflict management, and critical response practices. At each stage of duty, Noel earned the trust of parents, educational leaders, and local officials.


Noel has dedicated his time to a number of community-based volunteer activities improving the quality of life for many of Connecticut’s residents. Providing his leadership and experience is a vital component of Noel’s values, including serving as the basketball coach for Hamden’s Youth Basketball in conjunction with Hamden’s Recreation Department. In connection with Danbury Public Schools, Noel offered his expertise tutoring students in the ConnCap/Upward Bound Program in math. Through the belief of Service Above Self, Noel used his math abilities to further the aptitude of those willing to work hard. During his spare time, Noel mentored students in the Math Clinic at Western Connecticut State University. He would provide individualized attention to those who needed it and group lessons to those who attended often. On the days Noel was not in the Math Clinic, he offered his services to the Tutoring Resource Center where he tutored students in a number of subject areas.

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A fierce supporter of education, Noel helped former Mayor Bill Finch’s project of providing students with backpacks and school supplies as part of the Lighthouse Summer Program. Noel spent countless hours stuffing backpacks with notebooks, pencils, markers, easers, and rulers to guarantee kids were prepared for school and ready to work.

As a tribute to scholarship, leadership and community service; Noel was nominated and awarded the Who’s Who award. This nationally recognized honor is given annually to a distinctive number of individuals and published with the names of other nationwide recipients. Recognized for his outstanding achievements, Noel was praised by The Rotary Club of Danbury and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton with the honor of the Robert Vetter & Family Award.

Noel earned a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Western Connecticut State University. He was a member of the University Honor’s program and a recipient of the Hancock Student Leadership Award, Alumni Association Scholarship, and Sodexo Scholarship. He graduated with the highest honors, also earning a Masters in Administration.

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