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Representing a constituency is a profound honor. At times, elected officials can lose sight of the people they represent. The peoples’ best interest must be prioritized in the highest regard. Self-interest should not take precedence. If I am elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives for Winchester, Torrington, Colebrook, and Goshen; you can rest assure this vision will be followed at the forefront of all actions. 



Your concerns are my concerns. This job is a public service 24/7. Legislators need to be available and accessible. While in the House of Representatives, I will practice an open-door policy. This policy will extend to every resident of Winchester, Torrington, Colebrook, and Goshen. I want to hear of all concerns whenever they arise. 



We must remember State Representatives are there to represent the people. It is not enough to look at Winchester, Torrington, Colebrook, and Goshen as one district. We must look at each town in a distinctive manner as they have their own concerns, populations, attributes, and history. I want to honor their uniqueness and keep Winchester, Winchester; Torrington, Torrington; Colebrook, Colebrook; and Goshen, Goshen. 



There is no one who will fight harder than me. With Winchester, Torrington, Colebrook, and Goshen in mind; I will fight to keep their interest above political impotence. In the face of setbacks or opposition, I will always keep true to our values overcoming all obstacles to achieve our goals. 



True public service is placing those you represent as the emphasis of every decision, action, and vote. With a constituent-focused approach, voters can feel confident that their voices are being heard and not special interest groups, lobbyists, or pressure groups. I will look to Winchester, Torrington, Colebrook, and Goshen for guidance as it is my responsibility to represent you. 



  Connecticut 63rd House District
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